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Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock

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"…Of my friend, I can only say this… of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… Human."
– James T. Kirk, 2285


Spock – full name generally considered unpronounceable by Humans – was a male Human/Vulcan hybrid who lived during the 23rd and 24th century, who became one of the most distinguished and respected figures in the United Federation of Planets.

As a Starfleet officer in the 23rd century, Spock served aboard the starship USS Enterprise as science officer under Captain Christopher Pike, as first officer and science officer under Captain James T. Kirk, and as the commanding officer of the Enterprise during its tenure as a training ship.

In the 24th century, Spock became an adviser to the leadership of the Federation and a celebrated ambassador on their behalf. He disappeared in 2387 after saving the Federation from a supernova that destroyed Romulus and caused the creation of the alternate reality. Spock spent the remainder of his life in the alternate reality, eventually dying on New Vulcan after helping to guide his alternate self down the same path that he himself had taken.

This Giant MiniFig stands 11 inches tall and carries his tricorder to scan for various lifeforms. This figure is a must-have for any Star Trek fan wanting to highlight their collection of Trekie memorabilia.

About our Giant MiniFigs:

Our Giant Minifigs are custom 3D printed and hand-assembled right here in our Virginia workshop. No two Giant MiniFigs are exactly alike so you will truly be receiving a unique collector's item that you can call your own and proudly display with your existing Minifig collection. Our Star Trek Giant MiniFigs also make great gift items for those friends and relatives that enjoy Legos and would love to have a unique item on their desk or shelf which they can show off during their Zoom/WebEx work calls.

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