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Mr. Pool

Mr. Pool

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Call me Ishmael.

Just kidding. Don't do that.

Like any misunderstood hero, I probably had a difficult childhood that led to my career as a professional killer. That, or someone brainwashed me into murdering my parents. If I don't remember, does it really count? Or matter?

Let's just say that I was an orphan, a wizard put me on my aunt and uncle's doorstep, they raised me in secret, and then I went to a special magic school where a bald man regularly tried to murder me with voodoo.

Okay, that's not true...but I do have a scar on my forehead! Several, actually!

Anyway, seriously, I joined the military at 17 years-old, but was discharged soon thereafter. So, naturally, I decided to become an assassin (which is, by the way, an incredibly fun word to write).

Then I met Wade and Mercedes Wilson, a young couple that nursed me back to health after an early failed job. Some may say that I killed them both in an attempt to steal Wade's identity, but guys, come on. I'm the real Wade Wilson.

This Giant MiniFig stands 11 inches tall and carries his pistol and dual Katana swords. This figure is a must-have for any Marvel comic fan wanting to highlight their collection of Marvel superheroes.


About our Giant MiniFigs:

Our Giant Minifigs are custom 3D printed and hand-assembled right here in our Virginia workshop. No two Giant MiniFigs are exactly alike so you will truly be receiving a unique collector's item that you can call your own and proudly display with your existing Minifig collection. Our Holiday and Professional-Series Giant MiniFigs also make great gift items for those friends and relatives that enjoy Legos and would love to have a unique item on their desk or shelf which they can show off during their Zoom/WebEx work calls.

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